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Hello, everyone!

This is just a reminder that our next fraternity meeting is Sunday, 10/12, at the usual place and time.

    • Refreshments:……………………Mary
    • Monthly Prayer/Meditation:…….Grazia
    • Ongoing Formation:

For some time now, a great deal of our discussions have centered around the ways in which we individually go about living out our Franciscan profession. The last two months we watched a movie about St. Anthony that emphasized the struggles he had in discerning his calling, accepting his calling, and living his lite faithful to his calling.  If I maybe so bold, St. Anthony’s challenges are not so very different from out own; after all, one of the functions of the saints is to hold up a mirror for us to look into.

This month we’ll begin looking at a chapter from the book: Francis of Assisi: The Message In His Writings, by Thaddée Matura, OFM. You should receive a copy before the next meeting (I have to get them printed & mailed). The chapter is titled, “The Christian Journey,” and it explores, from a Franciscan perspective, the themes we’ve been touching on over the recent past.

Peace and All Good!