Our meeting this month was rather small: only four members were able to make it. Which was alright, since we didn’t really have any business items that needed immediate attention.

I went into the meeting a little unsure of what to do. Two of our members passed away since our previous meeting, adding to two others who passed late last year. Four in one year! And for a small fraternity like ours, the losses are felt very close to home. In a way it probably worked out for the best that we only had a few people able to make it this month. We were able to talk about our brother and sisters, as well as talk about what it means to be Franciscan in the face of such sorrow. Having some previously planned activity would have felt out-of-place.

We did discuss some ideas about charitable works and fundraising for the fall, which we’ll take up when we have more members present.

Our next meeting is on August 13th.

Peace and all good,