Below are links to various on-line resources we have come across that may of interest. Please feel free to contact the webmaster if you would like to add links to this list.

Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order


  • The Little Flowers of St. Francis: The Little Flowers of St. Francis consists of fifty-three chapters on the life of St. Francis written by an anonymous author in the latter part of the 14th century. It is the source of many of the stories, legends, and miracles about both Francis and his early followers. It is not considered historical, but over the centuries is has probably been the most popular book on Francis.
  • The Legend of St. Francis by the Three Companions was written in 1246, twenty years after Francis’ death, by three of Francis’ companions, brothers Angelo, Leo, and Rufino. (“Legend,” in this case, means “required reading.”) This is the 1902 translation by E.G. Salter. Here is the Google Books copy. (Thanks, Christina!)


  • Franciscan Resources offers Secular Franciscan-themed items, including books, crosses, rosaries & chaplets, clothing, collectables, etc.

Retreat Centers (Not necessarily Franciscan)

  • St. Joseph Retreat Center, Cohasset, MA
  • Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) is a Franciscan Center of Spirituality called to serve God’s people through prayer and by providing the opportunity to retreat into the silence and solitude of a simple hermitage environment.” (Located in Isanti, Minnesota.)



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