The Secular Franciscan Order

The Secular Franciscan Order (OFS) is a branch of the Franciscan Family, which also includes the First Order (friars), Second Order (Poor Clares), and Third Order Regular (TOR). Secular Franciscans are Roman Catholic women & men, married and single, who  hold jobs, raise families, participate in parish life, are active in their communities much like any other modern person. However, we have been called to live our lives inspired by that of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Clare of Assisi while remaining in our secular state. In the words or our rule, we are called to live “from gospel to life, and from life to gospel” (Rule Chapter 2.4).

If you’d like more information about us, please feel free to e-mail Andy.

If you live outside our area and would like to visit a Secular Franciscan fraternity closer to you, please visit the list of Regional Fraternities. Not every fraternity has a webpage or contact information, however, in which case you should contact the regional fraternity.

If you’re considering a vocation in the Secular Franciscan Order (in the US), click here to send an email to the National Fraternity’s vocation staff.


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