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This from The Catholic Community of Billerica, MA (some links are Billerica-specific, but you get the idea):

Prayer ideas that just might bring you closer to Jesus during Lent :-)

  • Attend Mass one additional time during the week, or perhaps every day.
  • Read a book by a spiritual author, perhaps Henri Nouwen’s The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Homecoming or Why Be Catholic? by Patrick Madrid or Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis.
  • Attend The Light is on for You to spend a few minutes or an hour in adoration, after a good confession. The Light is on for You is a weekly (Wednesday evening) session of Eucharistic Adoration at our Billerica parishes. For more schedule details, please click HERE.
  • Use a day-by-day-through-lent prayer such as Lent: One Prayer A Day from Creighton University.
  • Forgive someone you really need to forgive. Pray to God for the willingness to forgive them, and then forgive them. Tell them you have forgiven them. Then, let it go.
  • Attend the workshop The Gospel of Mark: Who is Jesus? given by Fr. Nick King, SJ on March 8 at St. Andrew Church. For more schedule details, please click HERE.
  • Pray Morning Prayer with the Church. Morning Prayer is part of the official daily prayer of the Church, offered at specific times of the day, in order to keep it holy. Priests and Deacons are obliged to pray the Breviary. iBreviary has an easy to follow one HERE. Why not try it? It only takes 5-10 minutes.
  • Attend the Stations of the Cross. The Catholic Community of Billerica will present the Stations every Friday at St. Andrew Church at 6:30pm. For more schedule details, please click HERE.
  • Join a weekly Why Catholic? group . Why Catholic groups help adults deepen their Catholic faith and connect its teachings to their  lives using scripture and catechesis for a solid faith foundation. Click HERE to find out more. Contact Adrienne at Adrienne.Cullen@ParishMail.com to sign up today.
  • Pray the rosary for someone you love who is going through a difficult time. If it has been a while since you have prayed a Rosary, you can find a good guide HERE.
  • Pray the Examen daily. The Examen is a prayerful reflection on the events of your day in order to see God’s presence and discern his direction for you. Click HERE for a fuller description of the Examen, or HERE for an audio guided version.